Nature Based Engineering

Nature Based Engineering

The annual value of ecosystem services for the global economy is estimated at 18 trillion US dollars.

This dossier is about innovative, natural solutions for flood risk management, water treatment and water storage in densely-populated delta areas. It is now clear that sea-level rise, land subsidence, drought and periods of extreme rainfall are the climate effects that we face. We can get nature to help a hand.

Because plants and trees protect our dikes from waves. Areas with vegetation retain water during droughts or during extreme rainfall events and play an important role in terms of water quality. And all that greenery generates even more benefits. Trees and plants capture CO2 and they are important in slowing global warming. They enhance the natural value of an area and they are lynch-pins in ecosystems.

Once again this year, Deltares has been involved around the world on projects looking for natural solutions in collaboration with water managers, urban planners and our knowledge partners. Building with nature is also establishing an increasingly firm foothold at the international level. Nature-based engineering is a factor in new construction and restoration, but an understanding of natural systems is an important critical success factor in both areas.