Impermeable layer

Impermeable layer

Impermeable layer keeps out groundwater and prevents damage

Deltares has devised a new instrument and a new method for installing a barrier in the subsurface to keep out water. We can use this impermeable barrier to maintain the groundwater level alongside canals that have been deepened, around construction pits and near sunken roads.

To prevent damage to nature and buildings in the vicinity, we devised this new method: the injection of a layer of bog iron. This creates a natural sheet of iron along and below the canal that stops water flowing to the canal from the surrounding area.

The special properties of the bog iron make it possible to measure how thick the layer is and decide where any additional injection is required to strengthen it. Deltares collaborated with the contractor Hektec on tests in our physical facilities to see whether the innovation will actually work well in practice. We will continue studying the bog iron in 2017 so that it can actually be used in the field.