Coastal erosion small islands

Coastal erosion small islands

Climate Adaptation

Supporting small islands fighting coastal erosion.

Small Island States are very susceptible to the impact of natural disaster. Flooding events due to cyclones, tsunamis, storm surges, extreme rainfalls, flash floods from rivers, in addition to coastal erosion and salinity intrusion can have devastating consequences on those islands. Moreover, these effects are likely to be exacerbated by the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

Under the ‘SimpleCoast’ banner, Deltares supplies knowledge and tools to small island states threatened by the above mentioned hazards. The aim of SimpleCoast is to develop simple and freely-available tools, tutorials and knowledge notes downloadable from a website and combine this with targeted capacity building actions.

Coastal erosion small islands

The tools in question are primarily intended for islands with little experience in this field or scarce financial resources at their disposal. In most cases, local authorities, universities and advisers will be involved. The portal provides knowledge about coastal defence measures and environmentally-friendly measures which are easy to apply and builds on what is naturally available. In addition to knowledge, Deltares provides workshops and training courses. At these workshops, the instructors and participants look at how monitoring can be set up in practice and how data and tools can be used to take the most appropriate measures. In addition, policymakers are shown the best ways to use the information given.

SimpleCoast has already been applied during a one-week training session on the island of Sao Tome, and in occasion of the Understanding Risk Forum 2016, where the entire Small Island State Community from around the globe met together and exchanged information and best-practices. Moreover, SimpleCoast has already been used in support of a multi-hazard and risk assessment in The Marshall Islands.

Small island states are threatened by common natural challenges. Unfortunately, due to their small size, those islands are also affected by a high degree of knowledge fragmentation. By creating knowledge sharing platform we hope that methods and tools developed for local practitioner at one island can result in lesson learned also for local practitioner and officers at many other islands, without having to reinvent the wheel.
Alessio Giardino
Deltares expert coastal morphodynamics
Simple Coast products empower Small Islands practitioners to own the different stages of risk assessments and thus facilitate our exchanges when defining adaptation options. It is also a great support to move the community of practice forward, by relying on common knowledge standard.
Nicolas Desramaut
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery

For this project Deltares has collaborated with the following partners:

  • Water Partnership Program
  • Small Island State Resilience Initiative
  • The World Bank
  • SimpleCoast

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Alessio Giardino
Expert coastal morphodynamics